An App for Effective Business Networking in Exhibiton Industry

We help people shake hands with most valuable business matches on Events and Exhibitions.


iOS and Android apps for attendees and exhibitors

CRM platform for organisers (including business stats, analitics, decision making tools)

Tailor made exhibition based Bizmatch alghoritm

Exhibition supporting services to make your handshake easier (meeting points, customer support on site, pre and post-event activities)

Advertising & point of sale within our apps


  • Bizmatch makes the search of the best matches for you
  • Bizmatch gives you all the relevant data of your business counterparty (participant) to start business conversation immediately
  • Bizmatch tells you when you should invite somebody for a meeting
  • Bizmatch offers you all the infrastructure support where to meet
  • Bizmatch enables you to retrieve the best leads,’ relevant information pre, on and after the event


How did your last event look like?

We can all agree that people usually go to different events and exhibitions to present themselves, their business, find desired information, get new contacts and potentially meet people that might be interesting to talk with. But do events really provide an efficient tool for business matchmaking? Usually, the participants are struggling to find valuable personal connections suitable for their current interests, when real potential may be only a step away. We believe networking is one of the key aspects and goals of majority of participants at such events, therefore we would like to make it easy and effective for everyone.

Our aim is to enable all participants having an equal chance to make immediate on-site meetings with your potential business partners that match your interests.

Experience the Event with Bizmatch!

Invite us for meeting and shake hand with us! We will present you the way to make your business successful.